Thursday, 25 July 2013

Throwback Thursday: Childhood Memories of our Parents

Throwback Thursday! Today's topic is a memory of one or both of your parents from your childhood.

Can I just say how impressed I am that we haven't yet missed one of these? Bonnie you do a pretty bad-ass linkup!! :)

When we were little and lived in California, my parents used to take us for long drives in our motorhome. They were the bane of my little brother's and my existence, because not only would we have to sit in the car for HOURS, we'd usually end up at a garden we'd then have to walk around. Can you imagine? How dare my parents do something grown up with kids! :) Of course, now, I'd quite enjoy that as a day out. But back then, we used to complain SO much - this time in particular, we whined, cried, tried to talk my parents out of it, and nothing worked. They wouldn't even tell us where we were going - probably a stupid garden somewhere. My parents were having none of it, so we got in the motorhome and sulked. For hours. Eventually we both fell asleep, and I remember waking up and seeing a castle in the distance. 'That looks like Disneyland' I said in my groggy state. My parents turned around smiling, nonchalantly said 'that's funny' and kept driving. I watched as that castle got closer and closer... 'It IS Disneyland!' I woke my brother up, and we were both SO excited. This is definitely one of my favourite memories growing up. How awesome are my parents to surprise drive us all the way to Disneyland?? SO much better than a garden.

Keeping on the trend of holidays, I have one really vivid memory of a time when I was around 10. My family always holidayed with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins and as we never had much money we always went to Butlins, a holiday camp here in the UK. We loved it!

Besides the fun we had at Butlins, the one memory that stands out is how we got into Butlins. It turns out that my family had only paid for the adults in our party - so we pulled up about a mile down the road and the 4 kids, including me, had to hide in the foot wells in our people carrier be covered by bedding and wait there as we drove up to and through the entrance gates. That's right, we were sneaked into Butlins!

I remember thinking that we would never get away with it, then I remember thinking it would be terrible if we got caught, then my cousin started needing the toilet and my Dad drove as fast as he could to get to check-in. Thankfully we made it! And there started a great holiday - a holiday that was technically free :)

It was the only time I remember my parents doing anything 'naughty' at all, and looking back it was pretty ballsy. They justified it by the fact that they really didn't want us to miss out on a holiday and I'm glad they did it!


  1. Laura, you crack me up... "So much better than a garden!"

    I'd really like to turn the tables on my mum now, and surprise her with a girly trip to Disneyland Paris... I think she would love it, but it's hard to organise ANYTHING without her knowing!

  2. This was cute you two... I love these posts about stories from your childhood :)

  3. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! I love your blog and I know others will too! -Sarah (and obviously I love your name!)

  4. I nominated you too!!! You are popular gals. :)

  5. That was a holiday to remember! Your reaction was priceless Lauraloo! You and Jason were so excited! Ah, those were the days! xxx


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