Thursday, 27 March 2014

Exciting Times!

In our world, every day's a gay day, but come this Saturday we will be flying our rainbow flag with pride as it's the day same-sex marriage becomes legal in England and Wales. Over the time we've had this blog we have followed the news with great anticipation watching countries and states vote for and against gay marriage and waiting for the moment we could get married - not civil partnership-ed - in our home country.

As L mentioned in our previous post, we will be among the first same-sex couples to be saying 'I do' on the 29th of March, and we couldn't be more excited. It will be a small intimate ceremony as for us this will be a legal ceremony, not our wedding - that will be in June. However the significance is not lost on us, our hope was that we could get married on our 5 year anniversary but that was two weekends ago and we would have had to have a civil partnership so we chose the next significant date. The date that same-sex marriage is legal, couldn't get more significant than that!

While we knew the day would be significant for us - after all, we will be getting legally married - but we didn't know anyone else would be interested, unless they were also getting married. How wrong could we be! As well as giving notice to a very excited Registrations Officer at Westminster Register Office, Emma, we were asked a few questions for a BBC programme about gay marriage and we were happy to share our experience. We also received champagne glasses from the council bearing their crest- amazing!

Then Emma gave our names to The Times, and well, you saw the result! (It's here if you missed it)

Then it all went quiet and we continued on with our wedding preparations, our invites are officially in but L will update everyone on that later :)

We also found out that London is throwing parties as well. G-A-Y are hosting a wedding party sponsored by Ben and Jerry's, an incentive for us to pop in me thinks :)

So an exciting weekend ahead, we can't wait to complete our legal ceremony and be part of history in the making but more than anything I am grateful that we can finally, legally, make a commitment in marriage to one another.

One question that all our interviewers asked was if we felt that legalising same-sex marriage would change people's opinions and increase acceptance and all we could say in response was that we hope it would. I think I may have even dropped this quote in on one interview - hopefully it makes it in! For me marriage is summed up in this:



  1. This is amazing, I am so excited for you two... you keep getting all these wonderful opportunities and now you will be married on a monumental day... perfect :)

  2. Oh my god, this is so phenomenal! Please post everything in case we don't get to see it in the U.S. :-) So happy for you two, amazing to be a part of history in the best possible way.


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