Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Half A Decade of Us

As you'll know if you follow us on any form of social media (because we don't seem to be able to keep our public declarations of affection to just one), it was our 5 year anniversary this past Sunday.

I had big plans for this anniversary - first, I thought it could be the day we legally tied the knot. Buuut the UK government didn't quite get the memo in time. Then, I thought we could go away and get our pre-summer wedding tans on. Then we bought a house (and had no free cash from then until ever, probably).

And then, I found it. The thing that would make my anniversary dreams come true - Lesbian Prom.

I've always said I wanted to take Sarah to prom. I went to three proms growing up, even though the first one I was a sophomore at a junior/senior prom, because I was a hottie a nice 'older guy' asked me. I should write about my proms sometime.

Anyway, I never got to go to prom with someone I really liked. Or even high-school-loved. So, I wanted to find an lgbt prom to take Sarah to, even to the point where I suggested it to a few lgbt groups, to no avail. So when I heard Missfit was putting one on, on the day before our anniversary, I roped in our friends Karen and Kirsty, convinced Sarah it would be fun (which took a lot of work!), and set about asking my lady to the dance - the proper American way.

We ordered Sarah the most badass dress from Black Milk Clothing in Oz (thanks to DWV for introducing us to them!), and I had a knee-length tutu made on Etsy, so we were going to look amazing. Sadly, so very sadly, my tutu got stuck in customs - its still there. It's been in the UK for almost two weeks. I am very angry with them.

Anyway, a last minute suggestion from Mum that I wear another Etsy dress that didn't arrive in time for Sarah & Lauren's wedding (I have a history with bad time judgement on postage), had me turning it into a skirt, and going in mint and leopard print heels. Which I think worked out well!

Excuse the messy background!
Our friends had to cancel, because one of them is really ill, and we were so sad. To be honest, we were completely nervous to go on our own. We've never been to an exclusively lesbian event before! We don't go clubbing often, and don't drink much. But we lady'd up a bit, and went anyway.

We booked a lovely hotel, and took a cab to the club, which made us feel super fancy. When we arrived, we weren't on the list we were apparently supposed to be on, and somehow ended up with VIP wristbands, meaning we had access to the champagne, cupcakes and gift bags in the VIP room! Score!!

We had a few drinks, did a lot of dancing (and some awesome seat dancing), and spoke to some absolutely lovely people. We loved watching CHARLI XCX, so talented! And it was so wonderful to see so many gorgeous ladies that play for our team.

And I mean, can we just take a moment to look at this picture of my own little hottie? Her dress made her a contender for Prom Queen, and though she didn't win (ROBBED!) she is still my Prom queen.

Just before we were about to leave, we were recognised by the lovely lady at Freedom World Ltd - she gave us these super awesome T-shirts, which we love and will totally wear around! You can get your own here!

Then we took a cab home. And at 4am passed out!

Sunday morning we woke up nice and early (at 11am) and headed out to spend the day in London. We strolled from the hotel into the West End, had a lovely crepe and some Pinkberry ice cream for breakfast.

We passed a paper shop where the guy at the till asked jokingly if we were in the paper we were looking at, and we got to say 'Actually, YES!!' - he was very surprised, and when we showed him the article he paused, said '....Are you the couple?' and then congratulated us sincerely when we told him that yes, we were, and we are engaged. He was so nice, and his reaction surprised us and completely made our day.

We then strolled to some of our favourite shops - including a stop at VicSec to pick up something for the plane across (are there any sweats better than VS sweats?)

We sat in a park and caught the sun, people watched, happened upon the St. Patty's Day celebrations at Trafalgar Square, gawked at the hundreds of gypsy children there (who totally lived up to their 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' stereotypes!!), and enjoyed ourselves.

For dinner, we headed to Strada, because on the keto diet like I am, the thing I can never, ever have, is Italian! So we enjoyed their lovely food, but unfortunately had questionable service. Nothing got us down from our lovely Italian food high, though!

We ended our evening in a tiny Soho pub we'd previously happened upon which does Drag performances 7 nights per week - we loved singing along to showtunes and classics in this crammed pub, and I loved looking over at Sarah's jazz hands-ing, and thinking just how lucky I am to have her in my life.

It was the best anniversary we've had so far - here's to many, many more!


  1. This was so lovely... A Big Happy Five Year Anniversary from me :)

  2. What a great anniversary!!! We went to a lesbian prom once when we first met. Back when we were young and cute. LOL
    Hope your next 50+ years are as filled with love and laughter as your past 5 years have been.


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