Friday, 21 March 2014

Lesbian Tribes? Do they exist?

Laura and I were lucky enough to have a whole hour together on the tube the other night as the car was in for its MOT and we had to get to Heathrow to get a lift. 'Lucky enough' sounded sarcastic, but it was actually nice to have some time together when we were alone, not driving somewhere, and not sleeping. In that hour we did some wedding planning and organised our next few weeks but we also came across this article: Celesbians

In summary, it brings attention to 'Celesbians' (celebrity lesbian couples) and explains that there are 4 distinctive tribes:

It stopped us flicking further on in the paper and we thought we should check out what tribe we most closely relate to. It also sparked a discussion about how lesbian visibility really does seem to be on the rise! The fact that this article was a full spread in a mainstream paper, plus the number of femme lesbians represented in this article alone, proves that lesbian stereotypes aren't what they used to be.

Don’t get us wrong, this article does not cover all lesbians – we would be fools to say that such a wide group of wonderful women can be divided into subcultures and labelled like jam jars – however it is amazing to read an article in a non-lgbt paper that is highlighting how normal girl-girl couples are. In fact, not just normal, but in our films, on our TV sets, speaking and hosting events and generally showing that sexuality should not be a reason to not succeed.

So back to the article and the tribe we identify with – the Sapphisticates!


Now we didn’t read this and immediately start thinking ‘OMG this is me, OMG this is us’ but these were the parts we definitely agreed with:
We challenge anyone who questions our relationship
We love pop-up restaurants and new, fun, (usually food related) things in London
We are sensible but so not boring J
We spend our disposable income (when we aren’t paying for a wedding, mortgage or paying everyone back) on travel
We are totally planning on having kids one day – bring on the Mum-Mummy-ness
We invite our families over (whenever possible) for dinner or lunch, and LOVE to host, to show off our house and mad cooking/baking skillzzz

However we both registered that the Mum-Mummies is in the future, except we’d like to avoid the competitiveness that we are sure exists and focus on raising awesome kiddies who are unique and talented in their own way while not being all business and no pleasure J
Source: lesbian-tribes
And these were the other Tribes
Source: Evening Standard


  1. Those are awesome!!!!! I think because we've been mum-mummies for the past 6.5 years, that has turned us into Fuddies. LOL

  2. What a cool post! I think we're a mix between Sapphisticates and Fuddies. We both work in the publishing world and have been together almost a decade but our fave thing to do are still car trips 'round Europe with all the galleries and stuff. Plus we love shopping. Ok. I love shopping and girlie stuff, but my wifey loves to cook. We love to have family members over for gourmet lunches and dinners, but we don't plan on having kids... so a mix I guess... :) Hugs and warm regards from Vesna and Spela from Ljubljana :)


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