Thursday, 5 June 2014

2014 Summer Bucket List!!

Inspired by our friends at More Than Words, who do an awesome Summer Bucket List every year, and by the worry in our heads about LAWP (life after wedding planning), we decided to make a list, and keep it focused on the REST of the summer, our first in our new home in Birmingham.

So, without further ado...

What is on your summer to-do list??


  1. I love your to do list... I want to zipline... pick strawberries in the valley, run a 5k color run...

    I have to think of some more.... ♥

  2. Love this! We want to travel all over Northern California and start surfing =)

  3. what a cool idea! We want to visit Lesbos, Greece in August, keep eating healthily every day, I need to lose at least 10 kg before September, learning to manage work-related stress with the help of Louise L. Hay and other inspiring people, keep walking in the nearby botanical gardens every day, just try to enjoy summer and have a more vibrant social life, try to find joy againg after having been through so much sadness this year :( ALWAYS read Lara and Sarah and be inspired! :) Have a wonderful summer and many blessings from us in Slovenia! Vesna &Spela


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