Friday, 20 June 2014

The Journey To Our Wedding.....

Here's the plan for those of you who have asked, or for those who maybe interested! For obvious reasons (WE ARE GETTING MARRIED) this blog is going to be very quiet for the next few weeks but you can keep up to date on whats happening at:
We'll be tweeting from @SarahplusLaura
oh and Instagramming as always at: SARAHPLUSLAURA, you know how much we love our photos!

Thank you to those of you already following we love to read your comments and thank you so much for the love and support!

So the plan:
Mirage we are coming for you!
Saturday 21st June: We're on a jet plane heading to Vegas to arrive at 9pm local time! We have a party of 16 joining us so the fun starts here!

Sunday 22nd - Wednesday 25th June: Hanging out in Vegas, grabbing a limo, seeing Calvin Harris, making the most of American food and you know checking out Vegas! Also topping up the tan and starting to relax (hopefully). Plus Laura will be checking out ComicCon at some point #exciting!!!!

Wednesday 25th June: Next stop Boise, Idaho! Meeting up with family and friends who didn't join us in Vegas to see the sites of Laura's home town.

Thursday 26th - Friday 27th June: We also plan to float the Boise river, climb Table Rock to get the best vista of the city, show the non-American's the joy of Walmart and all you can eat diners and other American treats.
Also at this point we'll be fitting in a hair trial and other last minute wedding prep.

Friday 27th June (evening): Heading to our venue to set up our welcome BBQ ready for the rest of the guest to head up later that evening (GET SUPER EXCITED)

Sneak-peek of our Venue!
Saturday 28th June: AM: We get ready, most of our guests get taken to Idaho City for Frontier Day (Sarah's very jealous she loves a bit of live action history) but then........

Sunday 29th June: Throw ourselves and a fair amount of our guests down a river, white water rafting! The others are taking a leisurely trip on a trip in the mountains!
Hopefully we return with ALL the guests!
Monday 30th June: We say goodbye to most of our guests at the airport or wave goodbye as they head off in various different directions in the world

Tuesday 1st - Thursday 3rd July: Chill out in Boise, hang out with Laura's family - recover :)

Thursday 3rd July PM: Head back to a different area of the Idaho Mountains - McCall - for a traditional, all American 4th of July with Laura's family and some of our Aussie friends! Lots of food, hanging out on the lake and then fireworks - Sarah's first 4th of July!

Sunday 6th July: We fly to Seattle for two days on our own, seeing the sights and having some us time.

Wednesday 9th July: We land back in the UK!

Thursday 10th & Friday 11th July: Back to reality

Saturday 12th: Prepare the house for guests as Sunday the 13th is Sarah's Birthday!!!!

Monday 14th July: Okay we're done, it's over, back to the real world and starting our lives as Mrs & Mrs Smith!
See you when we get back!


  1. Well Girls, I cannot believe the time is almost here, tomorrow you will be going to Vegas & a week later the best day of your lives so far will be happening. I am so happy for you both, you are both lovely girls. Enjoy Vegas, relax, eat, drink, be merry & have a great time.

    Lots of love

    Chloe x

  2. So happy for you!! Have an unforgetful and wonderful wedding adventure! Yay! We'll miss your posts but look forward to a July report. :) All the best from us! Vesna & Spela

  3. I am so happy for you, I will have to favorite your tweets and definitely love following you on Instagram... this is so exciting... enjoy all the fun you have packed in... it sounds amazing <3

  4. With all the activities and places you’re planning to visit, there’s no doubt that you will be having a great time. But in my opinion, the most exciting part is your trip to Vegas, where you can experience a truly fabulous night, what with all the limo and hotel accommodations. Though the rafting seems fun too! Anyway, congratulations on finally tying the knot! Here's to the coming happy years together!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limousine


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