Monday, 9 June 2014

Two Weeks (& Three Weeks) To Go.....

It’s less than two weeks to go! That’s right, 2 weeks!!! Did we miss the last 18 months? I swear my life is just flying by - but when you have been waiting for something so long, it is amazing how long 2 weeks seems.
Right now, and I’m not sure either of us should admit this (what, with work and such still going on), it is hard to do anything but think of wedding stuff. Neither of us want to miss a moment and that means that we are distracted with thoughts of the wedding at pretty much ANY time. Seriously, people at work have stopped asking about the wedding now as they fear that they will be caught in a monologue about all the exciting things we've been doing!

But as you lovely blog readers know, that’s why we have this blog… we can waffle on about all the stuff we've done without a phone call interrupting us or work getting in the way! J

As anyone who follows us on Instagram will have seen, we PICKED UP DRESSES!!! We had our final fitting and brought our dresses home! The actual fitting was WAY more nerve racking than the first fitting – that fitting was the time to size the dress, realistically this fitting should have been called ‘you better hope you fit the dress!’ We both needed minor alterations that could be done on the spot but it was overwhelming knowing this is it!

So yes, we did see each other’s dresses - but to be honest it was a blur, we just can’t wait to see the finished look on the day! 19 days away!!!! We had Alison, one of our bridesmaids, with us to learn how to do my bustle and she was running about getting our veils so she could see the whole outfit! The excitement meant we worked up quite a hunger – all of us were like kids in a candy store and I am sure the fitters were glad when we bounded out laden with bags!

The other huge task we ticked off is the DJ list! This started out fun, got incredibly stressful and ended up with a list we hope will have the party rocking and the guests dancing all night. It is fair to say L and I have VERY different music tastes, in private we compromise and L and her brother have inducted me to rap while I have shared my love or all things cheese led by Britney Spears! But in public, neither of our ‘favourite playlists’ created the vibe we wanted so we went back to the drawing board. We got input from families, friends, we went through our ipods, the ‘best wedding songs’ lists and played almost all the party cd’s we could find – our poor neighbours!

Then we had to narrow the epic list down into 20 must play and 30 play if you can track lists to send to our DJ. Let’s hope we made the right choices –the tunes certainly span the decades from Chuck Berry to LMFAO to Elvis and Macklemore, bring on the dancing!!!!!

This weekend we also packed! Okay, yes this seems a bit premature, but bear in mind we have had over a year to find, buy,  plan and organise this so 2 weeks ahead is not THAT early J Also, most of our clothes are in Birmingham, so we only have one more weekend up there to put things together! Thankfully the packing was easy. We tried on EVERY outfit, found outfits we had forgotten about, realised we fitted into clothes we hadn’t worn in ages and finished up feeling like maybe we should get an earlier flight and start the wedding fun now! (If only J)

We had lunch with Laura's Nan for her 89th birthday, and asked her a very important question - would she be our Flower Nan? We saw it on a site and thought it'd be the perfect way to honour Laura's 'life of the party' grandmother. Luckily, she said YES so will be going down the aisle first!

In terms of wedding planning, we entered the 'buy everything' phase that my manager warned me would arrive. It is a very simple phase, it is a dangerous phase BUT it is so fun! You just say ‘Yep let’s get it’ to any idea that was on the ‘should we / shouldn’t we list’. Screw the budget! (but not really, don't worry Mum!) This week that include ‘Feyonce and Wifey’ shirts – we can’t wait to get them and show them off!

Oh and we finally finalised the Boise schedule. As with every trip to Boise, we are faced with a to-do list that can’t be fitted in our time frame, we had to limit restaurant choices and prioritise activities that would work together time wise. Thankfully a few favourites from my last trip to Boise have made it on! Chuckarama and floating the river here we come! And Cheesecake factory – that’ll be my last act of indulgence before getting into the wedding dress!

Boise we are almost Idahome!!!!!!
Continuing on from last week we will continue to tan, we are almost at the golden glow stage J and it is actually making my teeth whiter #bonus!

L also dyed my hair as she called it ‘the colour I’ll be getting married with’ – to be honest it’s very similar to my natural colour but richer and maybe a bit darker! It’s true though, this is THE hair colour!

Our Boo Tea-tox  is also in full flow, we will do a separate post detailing exactly what this is as a few of you have asked but in summary it’s a lot of TEA and it does amazing things.

There you have it, can you believe it? 2 weeks to go……

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  1. Time does seem to soon you will be there :-D ♥


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