Monday, 16 June 2014

It's The Final Week!

OK - trying to do anything that isn't wedding related or talk about anything non-wedding is impossible! I am that person, we are that couple! It's the last week before we go and the wedding is literally EVERYTHING!

This is not to say that we are intentionally making this week all about us, but we are still running around like mad women and the wedding seems to be the main reason - that and the epic holiday we are about to embark on! Oh and the fact that we have 16 other people descending on Vegas with us and  57 coming to the wedding itself!
At any given point!
The last weekend was run with such efficiency injected with moments of madness that I am surprised we both made it in to work on Monday morning! We had to pack up in Birmingham and make the trip back to my parents' house in Reading, so this really was the weekend to finish packing, planning and being housewives (to be) - well of sorts :)

We arrived in Birmingham on Friday night after a car journey that consisted of creating and managing new and existing to-do lists. We almost planned every hour and for two people who don't like to have our weekends too defined this was not usual behaviour, but needs must.

Having arrived at our house by 10pm, we settled in on the couch to enjoy our melted Camembert, jam and bread and set to work. By bed that night, we had finalised our seating chart, played our every scenario that could make someone unhappy/uncomfortable and sent it over to our wedding planner. We also finished our programmes, thanks to the design genius that is Julia Green - one of our amazing bridesmaids and awesome artist!

The alarm was set for 10.30am so we could get a head start on the day, this all went very well until we discovered the new series of Awkward - well we had to have down time right?! We managed to find time to start and finish the pub quiz for our Friday night welcome BBQ - it was a task I felt more than at home sorting out! We also finished our request list for the DJ, assigned our first dance song (there was major debate between two of our favourite songs for this) and choose our song for our 'parent dance' - as my Dad isn't coming we awkwardly couldn't do a Father-Daughter dance, even though we wanted to for Laura's Dad.

L also surprised me with this gorgeous bear, I have always had a real soft spot for Me2You bears, ok, maybe I filled my whole bedroom with them at one point but seriously they are so cute and they are grey because, as the story tells us, the original bear was left out in the cold so his nose went blue and his fur went grey when all he wanted was to be loved.

Anyways that's beside the point, the bear is so cute, I cried, we got distracted and then we managed to refocus and finish the ceremony, our bridesmaid gifts and plans for the day. Our wedding planner found us a bartender so yay that's our day almost completely sorted. ALMOST!

The evening was swallowed up by the England game. I had somehow managed to book us tickets to see it on the largest screen in Birmingham - which sounded great. What I had failed to do was read the small print - we had to be at the venue for 8pm, and that the venue was a disused warehouse associated with raves! I have never been in a club situation where I've seen people openly snort cocaine, throw lit cigarettes into a crowd and smoke pot non-stop - it was an experience! Not one we will be looking to repeat anytime soon! But at least the screen was good!

We returned home at 1.14am, I know this because we left the rave/warehouse at 1.02am and were incredibly impressed it took 12 minutes to get home, in London the times we have wandered off piste and ended up in this situations it has taken us at least an hour to get home! Birmingham win!

For obvious reasons our Sunday start was slower and our schedule was delayed but we still managed to fit a LOT of wedding stuff in, and tidied all three floors of our house as we will have guests to take up with us the next time we are back as it'll be my BIRTHDAY! That's right, the fun keeps going!

Wedding activities included putting on our corsets and petticoats that we'll wear under our wedding dress and filming our first dance. We read somewhere that it was worth doing a test run and boy were we glad we did. The petticoat especially made it all seem more real, we tried and conquered a dip, we spun, we tried different holds and ultimately finished feeling better that we started. We also attempted the macarena, the Dougie, and the gyrating dance from that classic SNL skit with Jim Carrey to 'What is love?' by Haddaway. We also practised 'the kiss' - any excuse, right!!!!

The other wedding, or pre-wedding check we needed to do was with a projector Laura had saved from being thrown out at work. We wanted to use it to watch a film on the Friday night and it was AMAZING! We ended up having dinner sat on the floor watching Awkward play on a screen that fitted a whole wall. I was so excited I even set it up to show my Mum when we got in Sunday night at 1am!

And other than the car journey back to Reading where we wrote our BBQ shopping list and tried to figure out how much we recommend for spending money, that was our weekend.

Ah no I missed a bit......we also discovered a brand new, massive ASDA has opened up 15 minutes from our house - it's sad to admit but this is great news for us!

Right that really was it, I don't think we could have fitted anything else in if we tried but that still leaves us with a packed week, every evening with have something going on and we are still to practice our vows........5 days till we leave, who's panicking!!!!


  1. God bless you, Sarah and Laura as you journey to become spouses! I am about to embark on the same path and I draw my inspiration from you. Take care and have lots of fun on your wedding day.. Cheers!

  2. YAY... I am so excited for you two... I am getting the wedding fever reading this post... I can't believe this day is almost here ... it must be so surreal for you two... Have lots of fun and enjoy each moment :)

  3. SO EXCITED for you two!!!

    Also, if you like Awkward, you guys have to check out another MTV show, Faking It - two best friends who are pretending to be lesbians (to gain popularity), until one of them realizes it might be something more. Yay for fun shows to binge on while you stay up working on stuff!

    Can wait to hear all about the wedding + adventures in Idaho!


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