Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Review - Dirty Martini, Birmingham!

Or specifically the Dirty Martini Brunch!

Let me just start by saying if you are debating going - just go, you don't need to read this whole review. But by all means please do to get an insight into what to expect.

If you like martini's and brunch then this is the place for you, again just go!

If you like brunch and are not fussed with alcohol this is maybe not the place for you.

Put simply the Dirty Martini Brunch consists of bottomless prosecco, up to four Martini's and a bird cage of finger food. Your challenge should you wish to accept is to consume this within your 90 min time slot. Time slots are 12.30 - 2pm or 2.30pm - 4pm on Saturday or Sundays. To book check out there website (if you are Birmingham based that's here).

The brunch costs £25 per person which is an ABSOLUTE bargain in our opinion.

The menu is simple - vegetarian or not vegetarian. The main difference being that the veggie option has samosa's instead of mini burger sliders. We went for the non-veggie option and everything was delicious. In fact it was so delicious we finished it within 15 mins.

Picture from Dirty Martini website

The more challenging part of the brunch is the choice of martini's. You have four so you could try a new one each time, the choices at our brunch were: Blood Orange and Vanilla, Mango and Chilli, French (vodka and chambord), Espresso and Passionfruit. Our favs were the French and Passionfruit.

Picture from Dirty Martini website
On arrival the seating process is a little chaotic as everyone's session starts at the same time but a hostess we find you and take you to your allocated table. In Birmingham the downstairs is nosier so if it is a romantic brunch we suggest asking for a table upstairs.

The tables are fairly close together and that has pluses and negatives. At the start we felt very much a part of the conversation the table next to us was having. But as the drink flowed we were in our own little world. In the end though we got chatting to the girls next to us and ended up going on somewhere else with them. The hen parties did seem to be grouped together on tables though which was good.

Currently (at the time of posting) there are 7 bars in London, 1 in Manchester, 1 in Leeds, 1 in Cardiff and of course 1 in Birmingham. The locations can be found here.

As well as Martini's you can get a selection of cocktails any time and there is a selection of bar snacks available too. For an idea of the menu see here.

So in summary you should really check this place out!

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