Thursday, 11 October 2012

Happy Coming Out Day!!

Hi everyone,

Happy Coming Out Day!!

Today is a day, along with every other day, when you should really be proud of who you are, and who you love - after all, it is wonderful to be you!!

In honour of this day, we thought we'd look back at how we got to be where we are today!

To see our love story and how we got together, click HERE!!

For Sarah's coming out story, read HERE

We don't think we have ever told you about Laura's coming out story. While Sarah's is full of heartbreak, disappointment, homophobia, and baby steps (see here), Laura's is just about the complete opposite.

A week after we had kissed and decided we wanted to give being together a go, Laura went on a trip with her family to Australia for one month. Every day Laura would walk up to the internet cafe to email Sarah, who would stay online late just to receive them. About halfway into the holiday, Laura went on a walk along the beach with her mum, Lyn. She was telling her mum all about her life in England, when she nervously got up the courage to tell her that she had started seeing someone, she really liked them, and.... well her name was Sarah.
There was a silence.

'I thought this might happen!' Laura's mum laughed.

'Whaaaaat???' Laura asked. 'Well,' Lyn explained, 'you had a bit of an infatuation with a girl on your softball team when you were younger - so I'm not surprised.'

We both laughed, and Lyn asked Laura if she liked girls or boys better now. And it was as simple as that - no more questions, just acceptance. It didn't matter if Laura was dating a woman, or an African man (haha) -
she was loved.

Have you ever heard such an amazing reaction to a coming out?

But come on Lyn, you could have told Laura she liked girls at 12!! :)

From there, mum accepted Sarah like she was her own. If you follow us here, on Facebook, and Twitter, you'll see Lyn's comments everywhere - she is the most supportive person we know, and loves reading the blog. Lyn told Laura's Dad, who met Sarah in person first, and they hit it off talking about football and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Lyn told Laura's brother Jason, who affectionately nicknamed Sarah 'Snutley' and made this awesome video with us:

Laura's family is a great reminder that coming out isn't always a negative experience - though it will always be an incredibly nerve wracking and life-changing conversation. We are lucky to have such a supportive family that were ready to accept us, and we hope that Sarah's parents, and indeed any parents struggling with their child's sexuality - can take a page out of their book - to just accept and be happy for us.

On that note, we thought we'd leave you with the most touching ad we've seen in ages - enjoy!



  1. Laura... Your mum is so so wonderful..... Bless ..... You are so so lucky xxx

  2. What an absolutely lovely coming out story! You were and are very lucky! I also read your love story, or how you got together, and was all awwwwwww while reading :). xxx

  3. Wow! What can I say? I'm a subject of your blog (and Dad too, of course)- we feel special! :D Yes, there were a few times in Laura's teenage years that there were hints she was attracted to girls, but the fact that,when she first started dating, she dated mostly closeted-gay or very effeminate men, may have also been a clue! :D Now she has found Sarah, who is a lovely addition to the family, but, most importantly, Laura loves her! Love you girls! xxxx

    PS: By-the-way, I really dislike that photo - note to self - never pull a silly face when having a photo taken with Laura! :D

  4. This was lovely to read that Laura had a family that was so supportive.

    My sister was amazing with her daughter when she came out, she was truly supportive and loving. They are so close to each other;)


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